Is a matching surfboard and pen going too far?

The surfboard pen is a great giveaway for surf schools. Your brand gets exposure on viral network of borrowing, theft and something dropped that gets loved.


Customisation has long been a surfboard staple. From sleek straight lines on longboards in the 1960s, groovy-man graphics of the 1970s, to clinical chequerboard squares in the 80s. The best examples of board-art can be found at the Vintage Surfboard Collector website. They have collector days at the Museum of British surfing where the best loved boards on the planet are allowed to be worshipped.

1970s surfboard art
Photo: Jeff Divine

Pimp your pen & keep it personal

Gerry Lopez with lightning bolt surfboard
Mr Pipeline

If you’re looking for a birthday or promotional gift a message on a pen shaped like a surfboard will not be forgotten. The fin is the clicker that retracts and releases the ballpoint. You could even add the graphics or art from your spouse’s surfboard design. Picture Mr Pipeline, aka Gerry Lopez with his Lightning Bolt design signing autographs at the Pipe Masters – any collector would want a Gerry Lopez pen.


 Pimp your stick like Stussy

Originating in Orange County, California, Shawn Stussy is probably the most famous stick pimper on the planet. He took his surfboard designs off the beach and became the global brand of the 1980s worn by skaters, surfers, hip hop artists and anyone with a pair of headphones claiming DJ status. Looking ahead at Stussy’ spring summer 2017 collection, the streetwear edge has remained keeping its core audience on trend.

stussy jacket from spring summer 2017
The pen was supplied by National Pen who offer a personalisation service in batches of 10. Also thanks to the Chairman who supplied the images and inspiration behind this article. Board Of Work is a start-up and we looking to expand our news and content over the coming months. If you have ideas for posts you want to share, we’d love to hear from you. Peace x

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